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Temora West Canteen is run by the P&C. Our canteen supervisor, Rachael, has ensured that our menu contains a good variety to cater for all tastes. All foods meet the NSW Canteens Associations standards.

Canteen is open at recess and lunch on Mondays and Fridays.
All ordering will be same day.
All food items are available unless specified.
Lunch bags are available from the canteen at an extra charge.
Toasted sandwiches available both days. Use menu as a guide to make up sandwich filling. Cost as per sandwich menu. For example: If you wanted a Ham/Cheese and tomato sandwich you would work on the ham sandwich $1.10 then add 15c each for the cheese and tomato. Total cost $1.40. This would apply to any sandwich combination. Mayonnaise is available at no extra cost.

Salad sandwiches/ rolls consist of: lettuce, cheese, tomato, grated carrot and meat if ordered. Beetroot must be requested. Salad Boxes consist of: lettuce, carrot, pineapple, cheese, orange wedge, egg, beetroot, tomato, choice of meat, bread and butter (wrapped separately). Please delete any item if you don’t like them.

Hot food is available at recess on Mondays and Fridays but


All other snack items to be bought over counter.

A varying menu will be running in addition to the normal menu. All items will be advertised in the Scribbly Gum and will vary. They may include ice blocks, hot food, snack items etc.